I wrote a poem in my own skin

with letters whose ink were emotions

and regards and lips of beautiful


that made me live again

in the new, eternal cycle

-of recognition

to all those who before us

and after us, will care

who took the hands of others

to make them grow, to make them feel

to make them change.

with hope.

with fulfillment

and with trust. convinced

that love and action

can change the world

in the way they changed us.

Their hands

are my hands now.





(i arrived to barcelona after a training in poggio mirteto -italy- on human rights and peace for future trainers and campleaders, were we trainers and participants experienced a deep change and transformation.

arriving to barcelona, on may 24th i was able to take a very little part of the change to have human rights activists and grassroots movements elected for the municipalities of Barcelona and Madrid. this makes me feel a sense of connection between what we achieved to do in italy, and what just starts in the new city where i always lived.)



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